Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I'm currently in the process of redecorating my home and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite finds for the walls. It seems my current mood is minimalism!

I'm still undecided which ones to buy! I hope you have some input to share with me, and maybe even a few other fantastic recommendations as well? :)

These I found via Society6. By Edward J. Moran II and Budi Satria Kwan

These two are from WhatWeDoDK on Etsy

These two digital watercolor prints are from Vivideditions 

This Japanese print is from PrintablePixel. I've tried to tack down the katakana print, unsuccessfully, but the photo was taken by Hideaki Hamada.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

cold, rainy and windy

Hello everyone!

May was over in a blink of an eye! I can't believe it's June already! (can you believe it's still so cold here I have to wear scarf, gloves and earmuffs every day!?)

I apologize for my lack of updates here on my blog and hope you follow me on Instagram (zerudaa) for more frequent updates! The thing is I've been extremely unmotivated to take pictures lately. The weather isn't really great for picking up a camera, I'm displeased with the quality of my photos, I lack the patience for photo editing and my camera runs out of battery way too fast! Also, my Instax Mini 8 Camera broke down and it's not repairable, so I've been very sad about that. It's just 2½ years old and I really expected it to last longer :(

I hope I'll get back in the swing and enjoy taking pictures again (a little bit of sunlight wouldn't hurt, I swear!) because I have so much things I want to share with you guys! Until then, here's a little list of movies you might enjoy if your spring/summer is just as cold and rainy as mine! I know I loved them! ~ ♥ Feel free to give me a list in return with your tips! :)

* Always
* Masquerade
* Mad Max: Fury Road
* Beauty and the Beast
* Ernest and Celestine
* Song of the sea
* The imitation game

A picture from that one day when the sky was a actually blue. (May 14th)

Most recent purchase!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

amongst my kin

Had a fantastic Valborg spent with my crazy funny family! XD

I got impulsive and barbecued a sausage over a burning pile of leaves at mom's ^^

Hung out with dad in his tool shed.

Played with Kesella a whole lot ^^

Biked around the city with dad and my sister. Had ice cream, jumped over streamlets and visted relatives and friends and baby talked with an adoooorable 5-months old ♥

Hung out here for a while.

Had these ladies for roomies all weekend. Long cat is long ^^

Took plenty of silly "jump pictures". (Brother got distracted by dad in the window).

Also, brother has grown 10 cm since last time I saw him (November) and he's now officially taller than me! And taller than anyone else in the family too for that matter! :-O Oh boy, what a extremely fun weekend. I'm all sore after laughing so much! XD

How did you spend the beginning of May? :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Patema inverted

Patema inverted

Original title: Sakasama no Patema
Country: Japan
Genre: Animation, sci-fi, adventure, drama

Yesterday I came across this absolutely breathtaking movie, and I just have to share it with you! It is written and directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura, with whom I'm not familiar with at all, but I assure you I will check out his other movies!

The movie is set in an environment a bit different from our own world. Is it our planet in the future or is it set elsewhere in space? I'm not quite sure actually, but the set it extremely interesting. Two humans born on the same planet, but in different societies with different gravity one day cross each others path by accident. Patema, born underground, who's just about to fall of the earth as we know it and drop straight into the sky, and Age, born in Aiga, who just happen to be nearby cloud gazing when he comes to her rescue as she's desperately clinging on to a fence. Together they form a bond and a wish to reunite both societies.

This journey is the most magnificent one I've experienced in quite a while. I haven't seen anything so gripping and beautiful since 5 cm per second, though this one is a lot less depressing. Within 30 seconds I was completely caught in this story with my eyes wide open and so focused on the story I didn't even want to blink in case I'd miss anything. My brain kept working full time to solve the puzzle of the levitation secrets. It's absolutely brilliant you see!

Unlike Upside Down, with a very similar theme (a movie which I liked btw), this one is so much more than just a love story. Upside down was a visual feast for the eyes, granted, but the plot was quite shallow. Patema Inverted has a much more interesting story to it and when you figure it out, your chin will drop to the floor! I also liked the villain, the leader of Aiga. He was so evil I came to fear him and that's good work, people!

Hope you like is just as much as I do! ♥

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Early spring!

Just like last year spring came unusually early! It's been very sunny and nice lately!

Here's a few pics I took last weekend in Lund.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I picked up quite a few souvenirs on my trip! ^^ One of the postcards is 3D! I really wanted to send those to my friends and relatives but those are quite expensive, especially if you need ten! :-x

I'm so in love with my boat! And look at these gorgeous snowflake earrings my bf got me for Valentine's!!

Found a plate!!! And it matches my Bremen plate so perfectly!!! Remember this?? :D

And one can never have to many bows! ^^

And some super cute earrings!

Friday, February 13, 2015


Went on my first vacation in a million years! :D About time, right!? :D
I tried my best to select different images than the ones already posted on Instagram for variation :)

We flew to Tromsö.

This is our ship Polarlys which is a Hurtigruten ship. I took this picture in Honningsvåg.

This is Alta! We ended up here instead of Kirkenes because of the storm. The only bad thing about
it was that they didn't have any reindeer. I was reeeaally looking forward to meet Sven!

We visited an ice hotel! Sorrisniva. They even had a chapel made of ice! I suddenly got very interested in getting married, haha! XD

Our ship again!

This tiger lives in Oslo :)

This is outside the royal palace in Oslo. We found a statue of an old Swedish king there who once conquered Norway! I kind of wish I had payed more attention to the history lessons in school! ^^'

This statue of queen Maud was fantastic! I had to admire it for quite a while!
I realized it's the first time I see a statue of a lady that isn't naked! :-O

There's a old beautiful fortress in Oslo.

And I fell in love with Egon Restaurant ^^

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

reflections of 2014

It's time for the annual recap! I'm staring to get really fond of this tradition! :)
(though this one got massive! Oops!)

2014 started unusually well. I stopped with some meds and it really changed me in ways I had no idea these pills were even effecting me in the first place. I though I was going to explode from pure happiness and I could never have pictured a better start of the new year feeling like a brand new person with limitless potential and strength!

One thing lead to another, in February I bought a bike to replace the stolen one and in March I got an internship in a garden and flower shop. It was stressful and hard to learn a new job of course, but since I move around a lot I know the drill. When the internship ended in May they hired me and I got to enjoy the wonders of a paycheck every month! ^^ Ah, they joy!

Biking back and forth to work every day not only resulted a bunch of beautiful photos but also a massive and well needed weight loss. During this year I've lost 13 kilos and I'm so happy to be back to my normal size again! No more knocking things of the window sill with my butt, haha! Also I decided to go blonde for the first time in forever! And I changed my makeup from black to brown and purchased my very first lipstick, EVER! No kidding! ^^

Another result from being employed was that I got to know a bunch of absolutely amazing people I get to work with every day. At first I was a bit concerned to work with so many middle aged women, my previous jobs have been very mixed in gender and age which I greatly appreciated. But it turned out to be the most wonderful thing ever. They nag and they care, they love and they share. I have come to find great trust and comfort within these wonderful people in a sense I haven't felt in a long, long time.

Though having a full time job snatched pretty much all my free time from me. I abandoned accounts like Lookbook, Tumblr and Flickr and my poor blog got neglected like never before. Turns out Instagram is the right social media for me since it requires less time and effort to keep up with friends and share bits from my own life. I am proud to say I have now had my Instagram account for a whole year! :D

My movie interest is still going strong, though I've had less time to watch movies this year. I joined a local film club for the first time and for a small penny I got to enjoy 7 indie movies from all over the world at the movie theater! To watch foreign drama on the big screen was something I've never experienced before and I was in awe all autumn about this ^^ My number one most watched movie this year has without any doubt been Frozen. Though my highest rated films of this year were Silent Hill, the hunger games: catching fire and Insterstellar, all rated 9/10.

Other interest I've been developing has been my love for plants. As you know I've always cared for plants and my window sills are always crammed with plants. Well, it got a lot worse :P Working in a flower shop made my home explode with plants and my windows aren't big enough so nowadays I can hardly see my kitchen table because of all the pots and vases with flowers, haha! I also started to do my own flower arrangements which was so much fun! A talent I never knew I had. I also gave my balcony a make over for the first time. Always dreamed of having a balcony full of flowers but never got around to do it because the balcony has always been very low priority from an economical point of view.

The happiest moments this year have been taking a swim in the lake for the first time in so many years, to see a real Carl Larsson painting at the art museum in Gothenburg, visiting the botanical garden of Gothenburg, celebrating Midsummer with a bunch of lovely people, my sister visiting me during summer and also my short trip to Kopenhagen in autumn. And the saddest moments were when I broke my camera lens, the passing of Robin Williams, the passing of our beloved cat Findus and the ending of Naruto Shippuden, the latter which I cried for weeks about. The biggest disappointment this year was when my boyfriend went on a vacation to Paris without me and also that we didn't manage to get a new apartment since we want to move from this area and switch landlord really badly, not to mention I've been missing my old bathtub for exactly 717 days now and still counting :P

Also, 2014 was the year when I went to my very first concert! Crazy late, right?! I went to see Veronica Maggio and I had a really nice time! It was something I've been wanting to cross off my bucket list for a long time and I'm so happy to finally have done it! :) She was amazing btw :)

My biggest art inspirations this year have been Carl Larsson and Japanese woodblock prints. My biggest sources of inspiration lifestylewise has been PTbyemma and Professor Charlotte Erlansson Albertsson. Both who inspired me to become healthier, try new recipes (seriously, the amount of banana pancakes I've been eating this year, just saying) and to pat myself on the back once in a while. I've read Charlotte's books so many times I lost count by now and I love Emma's blog so much and I have tried so many new interesting foods thanks to her blog. She inspires me to be a healthier person on so many levels and she makes it seem fun to work out (which is something I usually hate). I'm not quite there yet, if you know what I mean, but she really got me on the right track!

I'm still heavily addicted to the Simpsons tapped out game and also I have developed an addiction cottage cheese and for avocados. I just wish avocados weren't so freaking expensive T_T Other expensive stuff I've spent my money on this year has been a new phone (which I haven't even gotten started using yet, it's that new!) Hopefully a true investment since my previous one is pretty much unusable 80% of the time, it can't even show the time correctly and I'm often late thanks to it which drives me insane. Buying a new phone is actually a breakthrough for me since I never have the ability to decide on which one to buy because I'm so afraid of  picking the wrong one that I much rather not choose at all.

This year was over in a blink of an eye. Every month felt like a week for me with my new schedule and I lost track of pretty much everything. For the next year I hope to stay in the present a bit more so my life won't pass me by so quickly, because this time jump was quite frightening to be honest.

Lastly, but well worth mentioning, the weather was absolutely crazy this year. May arrived in March and my biological inner clock got really messed up. Everyone else loved the early spring and the insanely hot summer but I actually suffered greatly because of it and I hope next year will have worse weather, haha :P Though it was really nice to set camp at my balcony and sleep under the stars when the heatwave reached its climax in July ^^ Also it was thanks to the really nice weather I got a chance to work so much. Since I'm hired by hour and our business is extremely dependent on nice weather for us to get any customers I know I've been very very lucky thanks to this extraordinary climate.

Thank you for reading and commenting, everyone! I've tried my very best to find the time to blog for you guys, though it hasn't been easy this year and I've been overwhelmed too many times when I couldn't find the time but still wanted to keep this blog running so badly! Thank you so much for all your support! Let's keep our fingers crossed that I will be able to keep this blog running in 2015 as well!

~ Happy New Year!! ~