Tuesday, March 5, 2013

9 likings #28

Current 9 likings!

  • Animals in human poses and clothes! I have two in my tiny collection! I hope for my collection to grow, they really are amazing! Want an owl and a fox too!
  • Meiji Apollo chocolate. Oh my, these were indeed addictive! I hope I can find somewhere to buy more! I love them!!
  • Scottish movies. Been watching Braveheart, Brave and the water horse recently, totally in love with the accent! Want more!! :D
  • Kigurumis. Oh yes, my giraffe kigu arrived and I've been wearing it ever single day since! (that's my brother trying it on in the photo ^^) Now I can't think of anything else but to buy another one! ^^
  • Big pines. It's silly how little attention pines get. They can grow really majestic and beautiful! I've found some of these giants in a park close to where I live!
  • Rilakkuma re-ments. So cute I get addicted just by looking at them!!! XD
  • Instax Mini photos. Highly addictive, I've had so much fun with this, especially when having guest over! And they make penpaling more fun too! ^^ And my fridge a lot more decorative ^^
  • 15 year younger siblings. Ah, the joy of having a hyper 11-year-old in the house is so refreshing and fun! We did so many activities and I was so exhausted but god it's so much fun!
  • My new town. The more I get to know my new town the more I love it. It's so BEAUTIFUL!


  1. A giraffe onesie! How novelty

  2. I'm glad you like our accent :D!

  3. I can send you more apollo chocos sometime if you want and include another rement :)

  4. If you still want more chocolate you can buy some here
    They also have the full Rilakkuma re-ment set here
    But be carefull if you follow the link it's like falling down in the rabbit hole... There are too many cute things to buy!